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Emerset is committed to helping corporations optimize licensing agreements with major vendors. As we enter into a new era of licensing complexity with the introduction of cloud computing and virtualization, we at Emerset have taken it upon ourselves to help clarify, simplify, and demystify the process and details inherent in the negotiation process. With the introduction of our new content rich website, the publication of the second edition of our book, Negotiating with Microsoft®, and our launching this quarterly newsletter, we believe we can achieve our goals.


In the coming editions, we plan to focus on key points that can guide you through the various phases of negotiation, bringing clarity where clarity does not exist, offering valuable resources and knowledge for those entering or in the midst of negotiations. Even for those who have just completed the long process, we believe our website and these newsletters will help you gear up for the next round, which comes faster than you can imagine.


We hope you enjoy this newsletter and find it useful.

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Microsoft�s 4th Quarter FY 2012 Earnings Analysis- licensing


By: Tim Keys

One of the key tenets of negotiation is “knowledge is power”.  Analyzing Microsoft®’s Quarterly earnings report for the fourth quarter of the Financial Year 2012 will provide valuable information as you prepare to negotiate your licensing agreement.

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Licensing SQL Server� 2012


By: Staff Writer

Microsoft® has made some significant changes to the way SQL Server® 2012 will be licensed as opposed to SQL Server® 2008...

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Creating a Readiness and Strategy Document


By: Daryl Ullman

This is a dynamic document that provides the expected negotiation strategy of the corporation as well as the strategy and tactics that you expect Microsoft to take during the negotiations. This is also an internal document that helps the entire negotiating team understand the phases of negotiation that are about to begin.

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Licensing Windows Server� 2012


By: Staff Writer

Microsoft® recently announced the licensing use rights for the new Windows Server® 2012. 

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How Microsoft� Negotiates


By: Tim Keys

Microsoft® is a formidable negotiator and invests extensive resources and time into preparing and managing an Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiation. In this article, we will take you through the Microsoft® “internal” process...

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System Center� 2012


By: Staff Writer

Microsoft® recently announced the licensing use rights for the new System Center® 2012 suite of products.

This document provides an analysis of the pros and cons of this licensing compared to the current products.

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