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This has been a particularly busy quarter. The most noteworthy event for many in the tech sector was the release of Windows® 10, although that was a predicted event which we all knew was going to happen. Perhaps more interesting (and less obvious) was that Microsoft® reported yet another quarter during which the company continued to generate respectable earnings. This is meaningful to more than just investors as it demonstrates the software giant’s ability to evolve and adapt to a climate in which PC sales continue to decline and the market is more interested in mobility and cloud computing. Amazon™ (AWS™) and Microsoft have proven their dominance in the cloud, but Microsoft is emerging as a viable competitor with hardware devices such as the Surface™ Pro 4 tablet and Surface Book laptop. From a financial perspective, hardware rarely generates the margins as those of software, but if Microsoft and/or their OEMs can produce competitive Windows devices it will greatly benefit the Microsoft software and services ecosystem.



Analysis of Microsoft’s® 1st Quarter FY 2016 Earnings Report from a Licensing Perspective


By: Daryl Ullman

Microsoft® has once again changed the manner in which they report earnings. Beginning this quarter, the software giant is reporting in three operating segments: Productivity and Business Processes, and More Personal Computing.

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How Will Apple® Finally Penetrate Enterprise Markets?

I rarely write about Apple®, but since they are finally gaining some traction in the enterprise space it seems somewhat appropriate, even if only from a competitive standpoint. 

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Cloud Pricing Trends

Many people have been watching the market and trying to predict the future of cloud service provider leadership and how it may impact their operations and budgets. Some believe that as enterprise, smaller organizations and consumers realize that the cloud will ultimately become a necessity, service providers may attempt to inflate or at least retain costs wherever they can.

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CAL Suite Bridges

It’s no secret that many companies are migrating from on-premises perpetual software licensing to cloud-based subscription licenses. It’s important to note, however, that moving from on-premises to the cloud is typically a gradual process and not simply a matter of turning off the local datacenter one day and connecting to the cloud the next. 

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SharePoint® 2016 Preview

Microsoft® has released the first IT preview of SharePoint® 2016. SharePoint is Microsoft’s team collaboration software, enabling content and document management, storage and synchronization across multiple devices via the cloud, and web content management, among other services.

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Should Your Company Hire a Software Licensing Consultant?

Oracle® has traditionally had an unfavorable reputation when it comes to product licensing and customer audits, but the changing market in which so many customers are moving their IT to the cloud may be motivating the company to further turn up the heat on their customers.

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New Features for Azure™

It’s no secret that Amazon Web Services™ (AWS™) is the leader in enterprise cloud computing services today, although Microsoft® continues to grow and gain market share.

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