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As Microsoft® continues to deviate from their traditional business model in which they supported almost exclusively the Windows platform they must find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The “Cloud first, mobile first” mantra is a refreshing change and it has created a number of new markets for Microsoft, but these are often markets with less demanding users than Microsoft has catered to in the past. Less demanding users are less likely to pay the premium prices for products as robust as MS Office, for example, particularly when Microsoft themselves are offering less expensive alternatives.


We can also expect a continued push to subscriptions and all things related to Azure and cloud hosting. Many companies are reluctant to abandon their onsite datacenter and make an immediate jump to cloud computing, but the benefits of doing so eventually cannot be ignored. Since Microsoft has existing agreements with most companies, we can expect an increased push for hybrid solutions such as StorSimple® as a means to retain MS customers and gradually move them to a MS-hosted cloud.  



Analysis of Microsoft’s® 2nd Quarter FY 2015 Earnings Report from a licensing perspective


By: Daryl Ullman

Microsoft® reports revenue by "Devices and Consumer" and "Commercial" divisions, and reports in the following six segments.

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Free Windows!

Microsoft® announced that Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 at no charge throughout the first year following its release.

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Microsoft® Releases a New Preview Version of Visual Studio®

Last month, Microsoft® announced a new preview version of the next release of Visual Studio®Perhaps the most notable feature of Visual Studio 2015 (previously known as Visual Studio ’14) is that it expands the cross-platform development capabilities to include Android™ and soon, iOS™.

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Google® Agrees to Host Windows®!

We have written a great deal on these pages during recent months about Microsoft’s® new “Mobile first, cloud first” strategy in which they intend to abandon the old practice of only supporting the Windows platform and also enable MS products to run on competing operating systems such as Google’s Android™ and Apple’s™ iOS™. 

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Is Your Enterprise Software About to Become Obsolete?

Last year’s widely publicized end of support for Windows® XP forced many users to finally abandon the thirteen year old operating system but it seems to have done little to alert users to pay attention to other, often mission critical, software for which support will eventually expire as well. 

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Microsoft’s® Advantage in the Cloud

It would be hard to dispute the ways in which Microsoft® revolutionized the way that we work, play, and communicate, but so many of those contributions relied upon software running on a locally based device such as a personal computer.

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Hybrid Storage with Microsoft® StorSimple®

One of the IT challenges facing just about any organization is the need to efficiently and securely manage data and, in many cases, ensure a scalable environment to allow growth or fluctuations in the amount of data being managed. 

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