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We have seen a few surprises from Microsoft® during the past few months. After six consecutive quarters of meeting or exceeding analysts’ estimates, the software giant narrowly missed profit expectations during their third fiscal quarter. That wasn’t the only surprise, however. Microsoft is becoming more aggressive in terms of luring customers away from the competition and also enticing developers with free development environments on SQL Server®. We even saw an unprecedented announcement that with SQL Server for Linux™, Microsoft is developing their first server product for a platform other than Windows®.


The earnings were a bit of a disappointment, but we consider the other news to be favorable as the company continues its Mobile First, Cloud First strategy.


Unfortunately, Microsoft is also becoming more aggressive in their effort to motivate users to use Windows 10. Windows 10 has proven to be an excellent OS and we understand Microsoft’s desire to standardize on a single version, but the tactics being used are more aggressive than we feel are appropriate.



Analysis of Microsoft’s® 3rd Quarter FY 2016 Earnings Report from a Licensing Perspective


By: Daryl Ullman

This is the third quarter since Microsoft changed the manner in which they report earnings. The software giant is now reporting in three operating segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing.

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The Dangers to Come in Cloud Privacy

Most would agree that technology has improved our lives and societies. Consider the changes we have experienced since the advent of personal computing when Apple™ brought us affordable computers less than 40 years ago (and IBM® shortly thereafter).

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SQL Server® for Linux™!

Ever since Satya Nadella took over the helm at Microsoft® two years ago the company has been full of surprises. Nadella’s highly publicized “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy in which the company is abandoning their traditional Windows® only philosophy and replacing it with one in which the software giant is making many of their products available on competing operating systems has been a resounding success in the eyes of most.

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Windows® 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft® announced that the next major update to Windows® 10 will be released sometime this summer. As with all future updates to Windows 10, the Anniversary Update (previously known as Redstone) will be free for 270 million+ existing Windows 10 devices when it’s released. Microsoft used the 2016 Build developers conference to describe some of the changes we can expect.

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Windows® 10 Current Branch for Business

Last year I wrote a blog about Windows® 10 Servicing Branches. Servicing Branches are Microsoft’s method of allowing users of Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, Education, Mobile Enterprise and IoT Core Pro editions to temporarily postpone updates and security fixes.

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Microsoft® Targeting Oracle® Customers

I recently wrote a blog about the surprising announcement that Microsoft is developing a version of SQL Server® for Linux™. The Linux version of SQL isn’t expected to be released until next year, but the timing of the announcement coincides with the launch of SQL Server 2016 and together, they represent an aggressive effort to lure customers away from Oracle®.

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SharePoint Server 2016

Microsoft® has released SharePoint® Server 2016 to OEMs. This latest version of the company’s popular web application platform will be available to Volume Licensing customers in early May. For clarification, Microsoft typically releases code to OEMs prior to making it generally available as this enables pre-installation on new hardware for release on or after the date of general availability.

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