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Microsoft surprised many analysts by reporting better than expected earnings for the third quarter of their 2015 fiscal year, although expectations were rather conservative due to sluggish PC sales and conservative guidance from the company. The software giant reported revenue of $21.73 billion, compared with $20.4 billion from the same quarter a year ago. Diluted Earnings-Per-Share were 61 cents, compared to 68 cents a year ago. Analysts were expecting EPS of 51 cents and revenue of $21.06 billion. Investors appeared pleased as shares of Microsoft stock were up more than 10% the day after earnings were released.



Microsoft’s 3rd Quarter FY 2015 Earnings Analysis- licensing


By: Daryl Ullman

Microsoft reports revenue by “Devices and Consumer” and “Commercial” divisions, and reports in the following six segments.

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Microsoft® 2015 Product Roadmap

The release of Windows® 10 which is expected this summer will be accompanied by many other significant product releases throughout the year,

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The Outlook for Windows® 10

Microsoft® is going all-in with Windows® 10. Windows 8 is viewed as a failure by most. People running Windows 7 are satisfied for the most part so convincing them to upgrade to Windows 10 may be a challenge for those who don't require touch screen capability.

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Enterprise Cloud Suite

I recently wrote a blog in which I noted that Microsoft® is bundling standalone products into suites and offering the bundle at prices which are less than the total if purchased separately. In that example, I described the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

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Enterprise Mobility Suite

As cloud computing and BYOD usage continue to gain in popularity and necessity, Microsoft® is responding by bundling some of their applicable tools. Two notable examples are the Enterprise Mobility Suite and the Enterprise Cloud Suite.

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Lync® Becomes Skype® for Business

Last November, Microsoft® announced that Lync would be renamed Skype for business. That became a reality this week as Microsoft officially retired the "Lync" brand and updated the popular communications platform with its new name and functionality.

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Sneak Peak: Top 10 Things to Know for Your Next Oracle® Audit

Receiving a notification letter from Oracle® informing you that you have been selected for a license audit can be daunting. Many questions start buzzing through your head - who pays for the cost of the audit?

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