Licensing Experts for Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, IBM, Oracle and others

Did the results of your recent software licensing audit come as a surprise? We will review and validate your audit report, generating hard data you can use to appeal and mitigate the audit outcome. We can also help you prepare prior to a licensing audit, ensuring you are well prepared and aware of any exposure.

Up-To-Date Methods

Emerset’s software licensing experts bring to the table decades of licensing experience, together with ongoing market intelligence and industry benchmarking capabilities. We are continuously updated with every change to  licensing documents, and are involved behind-the-scenes in a new licensing negotiation each week. We often uncover discrepancies that auditors will interpret to  advantage, which you can actually use to your advantage.

Examples we have seen in real life software licensing audit proceedings include mistakenly counting point-of-sale devices as needing to have  Office licenses, when in fact they do not have Office installed. Likewise, development and testing servers may have been counted as needing regular licenses, rather than the more flexible, lower cost developer licenses.

Beyond Solutions

Software inventory solutions alone cannot provide you the peace of mind you need, since the complexities of bring your won device (BYOD), mobile licensing and other modern trends mean you need an expert by your side. We can provide you with extensive guidelines for how your software asset data should be collected, how the physical process should be conducted, and work closely with your team to ensure you achieve maximum accuracy. We will then analyze any divergence from the audited report, and work with you to develop a response strategy.

Emerset can help you with Software Asset Management (SAM) audits, and licensing audit proceedings by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). We assist companies of all sizes to maintain their

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