Licensing Experts for Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, IBM, Oracle and others

Together with a partner, Emerset provides a one-stop-shop for Microsoft, VMware, Adobe ,IBM & Oracle licensing advisory services.

Combining Expertise

As software vendor license audit experts and contract specialists, we manage both of these complex licensing processes within one consultancy. With Emerset coordinating both Microsoft and Oracle licensing audit advisory services, it’s highly efficient. There are deep similarities in the preparation and negotiation process that can be transferred from one to the other, saving you ramp-up time and overhead.

That said, there are still significant differences between the products and licenses, and Oracle licensing experts are needed. For this reason we partner with a firm that has been assisting companies negotiate their Oracle licenses since 2008, and brings decades of Oracle licensing experience to the table. Founders of this company have managed teams of hundreds of Oracle licensing consultants within Oracle, and are experts in licensing rights and how to negotiate with the Oracle.

Working with Emerset for both Microsoft and Oracle, you will have the ease of a single agreement and point of contact. You can benefit from our close relationship with our Oracle advisory partner including direct access to their experts whenever necessary. The fruits of this collaboration have saved our customers millions of dollars.

Find out how our Oracle licensing experts helped one company save more than $30 million by certifying their Oracle ULA.

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