Licensing Experts for Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, IBM, Oracle and others

Join us in our customized  Licensing training course that’s intended to prepare enterprise organizations for their new or upcoming Enterprise Agreement renewal. Through participating in the Emerset  Licensing Workshop, CIOs, IT management, procurement officers and other executives gain the same level of professional licensing expertise that is provided to employees.

With one- and two-day courses available, Emerset’s workshops prepare you and your team for your upcoming license negotiations or software audit certification process. You will learn what team members and roles you need at the table, and bring them all up to the same level of knowledge about the license negotiation process. As a result of this workshop, your team will know what to expect at every phase along the way and how to navigate the multitude of licensing options like an expert.

The workshop may be held as a standalone event, or integrated into a broader consulting engagement. We have found that companies that kick off their consulting program with the workshop achieve better outcomes since their entire team is aligned from day one.

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