Licensing Experts for Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, IBM, Oracle and others

Licensing is complex, and it is hard to stay on top of all the nuances when you renew your Enterprise Agreement every three years. This puts you at a disadvantage as you enter into your next round of negotiations. Emerset can help you avoid overspending and contain your costs on your next Enterprise Agreement renewal, at no upfront cost and zero risk to you.

The Emerset Advantage

At Emerset, we help clients negotiate a new agreement every week of the year. With over 500 successful agreements behind us we have a 98% success rate finding savings for our customers. Our solid financial backing enables us to take on contingency-based cost reduction projects of any size. Whether you have a single local business, a startup, or a global or nationwide business, our expense management consulting services reduce yearly expenses and improves your bottom line.

How it Works

With our established Clear Licensing Methodology we have saved our clients millions of dollars, and improved their alignment with IT, procurement and business needs. As an independent 3rd-party license advisor, we will closely work with you to identify unnecessary or redundant licenses that can be eliminated or consolidated, while taking into consideration your current and future business needs.

All we need from you is a copy of your proposal, a current entitlement report and a copy of your expiring agreement. The rest is up to us.

Read our case studies to see how Emerset has helped businesses like yours save millions of dollars.

Best-in-Class Business Intelligence

Using our industry insider knowledge of unpublished discount rates, and our continually updated information about newly negotiated contracts, we can benchmark your business against companies of similar size and from relevant industries. This data helps us to obtain the best rates on your agreement.

The Emerset Team

Emerset focuses exclusively on providing independent Microsoft, VMware, Adobe ,IBM & Oracle licensing guidance. We employ former leaders in the industry categories we support, bringing to the table years of accumulated knowledge, benchmarking data and proven negotiation strategy and tactics. Our analysts know the industry jargon, the established margins in each industry, the unpublished discount rates and strategies for negotiating successfully. We are often able to find billing and contractual errors, to detect instances of over-licensing and get you the best-in-class software rates.

Contingency-Based Expense Management

Based on our history of saving costs in 98% of all of our negotiated agreements, together with our financial stability, we are able to offer you a zero upfront commitment for our services. You only pay us once your contract is renewed and the actual cost savings are determined.

With Emerset, you have absolutely no risk involved. Results are guaranteed, or there is no charge for our services.

To learn more about our contingency-based expense management consulting services, contact us today to set up an appointment.