When Microsoft® originally announced plans for a subscription based Office productivity suite, they often promoted the simplicity of the offering. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with Microsoft, nothing is “simple”, and Office 365™ is no exception. As many people know, Office 365 has several service offerings (Business, Enterprise, Education, Government). They even have offerings which are specifically targeted toward individual countries, such as Germany, where regulatory requirements may be more stringent or otherwise unique than elsewhere.


Within these service offerings, there are numerous plans, such as Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, E3, E5 and others. Of course, each of these combinations is intended to meet the needs of a particular business segment.


One of the popular plans, Office 365 Enterprise K1, received a feature update on April 1. The K1 Plan is intended for employees such as manufacturing line workers, who don’t have dedicated PCs at work, but may require certain Office functionality such as scheduling and task management, communications, training, basic online document creation and editing, file storage and sharing.


With a list price of $4.00 per user per month (annual commitment), Office 365 K1 is an attractive offering, particularly for organizations with many deskless workers.


The following features were added on April 1, 2017:



OneDrive™ for Business

Skype™ for Business Online

Microsoft Teams

Office 365 Video




Some features may have reduced functionality than that of the full version, but K1 is experiencing increasing popularity and may be a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive Office 365 offerings.


Apr 2017