Our prior article presented the various Microsoft plans which suit lighter users transitioning to SaaS.

This article focuses on the various Microsoft suites available for heavier users:

Microsoft 365, or M365 are the top tier suites from Microsoft.

They are aimed at either small businesses or large enterprises and provide lots of content to its users.


 These suites contain three main components:

  • An operating system
  • MS Office
  • A “bundle” of Client Access Licenses (CALs) and other tools


As of today, there are three types of suites: E3, E5 and F3.

Each one contains a different set of software and tools so

the heavier/experienced users can find the most suitable profile:

E3 – this is the most common one and somewhat similar to the old “Professional Desktop” On-premise suite.

It provides the Windows Operating system, Office 365 and a set of security,

analysis tools, CALs and more. It can be installed on your device just as any other On-premise license;

however, it is constantly connected to the internet to receive the latest updates, security patches, new versions etc.

E5 – this is a top tier product which will provide everything the E3 provides

in addition to more advanced Identity management, threat and information protection,

Teams voice capabilities and analytics tools. It doesn’t provide ALL of Microsoft’s tools,

but it is the most comprehensive (and expensive) plan you can bundle.

F3 – finally, we have this fairly new suite.

There were some different names for it in the past and eventually “F3” was chosen.

This suite targets the frontline workers.

Many companies have manufacturing employees, field employees, cashier workers and others

who do not need to access email apps, projects, or produce content as full-time information employees would.

Microsoft has created a suite, for those type of employees, which is mostly web accessed,

but still contains many of the required features to ensure those users stay connected

and still feel an integral part of the company. They will have MS Office web access,

social networking capabilities, file sharing, forms, lists and even some of the

MS Teams capabilities, at a super-attractive price.

You should bear in mind that all the above suites are subscription based and user based.

Meaning, you can only use them while you are paying for them.

This is not optimal for certain companies, especially those that prefer a longer product lifecycle from

their software investments, or those who might not need frequent updates or access to the latest version.

Companies should remember that their final purchase can be a mix

of different options i.e. different suites, a combination of suites for some employees and MS plans for

others… Nevertheless, a “Persona Profiling” is strongly recommended before

blindly purchasing subscriptions to any of these products to ensure you choose the best fit for your needs.

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Jan 2021