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Phase 2

  1. Benchmarkting / Counterintelligence
  2. Risk Analysis
  3. Negotiation Scorecard
  4. Internal Communication plan 

The Strategy and Planning Phase involves defining the optimal strategy to be used in the negotiation phase to come. The ultimate goal of this phase is to completely prepare your team for the negotiation phase. The stages in this phase include:

Benchmarking and Counterintelligence: As part of the strategy for your software licensing service, we perform in-depth competitive Benchmarking Analytics based on the priceless data we have curated from a variety of sources, including past agreements we have helped negotiate.

We customize the data for each engagement, so you will receive the data relevant to your industry, vertical market, region, and any other important factors that must be considered.

We will create a comprehensive spreadsheet that maps out your expected customer engagements with major software vendors, balanced against agreements that other corporations of similar size and with similar product-specific requirements have negotiated.

The purpose of this phase is to remove the sense of isolation that often occurs during the negotiation process. Corporations are often told their needs are unique and therefore difficult to compare to other customer agreements. We empower your negotiation team by providing this comparison in advance.

As trusted professional, we respect and maintain the complete confidentiality of our customers. We never share, reveal or publish customer-specific data such as names and locations.

Negotiation Readiness and Strategy: We will create and present you with a comprehensive readiness document which defines the software licensing strategies and stages that are critical to the success of the final negotiation. The Readiness and Strategy document provides not only your expected negotiation strategy, but vendors expected responses. It details the goals of each side and the anticipated tactics of each. Its goal is to further demystify the negotiation process so that your negotiation team fully understands what you can expect from the negotiations. During this stage, we:

  • Outline the different stages of the negotiation.
  • Define the strategy and tactics to be used by the negotiation teams.
  • Set the goals and budget criteria.
  • Recommend participants in the negotiation team and fall back alternatives.
  • Detail objectives and planned strategy to further prepare the negotiation team.

For the next phase in the Clear Licensing Methodology, see Phase Three: Negotiation Cycle.

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