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Phase 1

1.Assets & Entitlement Analisys

2.Proprietary Questionnaire & Interviews

3.Gap Analisys & Reconciliation Report

4.Strategic Roadmap & Forecasting

5.Financial Analytics

The Software Licensing Service and Financial Analysis phase involves assessing your current licensing assets and forecasting your future technology needs based on how your company may evolve in the coming three years.

The process for Phase One includes:

  • Technology Asset and Licensing Reconciliation: This process sets the stage for everything that comes next, and involves gathering in-depth data to determine your actual software assets and how they are currently being used. We provide you with extensive physical and conceptual guidelines for how this data should be collected, in order to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency. Our proprietary questionnaire and customer interviews help you fine-tune the data so you will know exactly the installed software you have versus purchased assets. This also lays the groundwork for the creation of an internal, strategic roadmap of vendor-specific requirements. Using this data, we generate a comprehensive Reconciliation Report which translates the dry facts and figures into an easily-understood format you can use for decision-making. We will also dig through the data to search for potential points of leverage for the upcoming negotiation phase.

Financial and Technology Forecast:  Using all of the information we’ve collected, we will then create a financial analysis outlining the various licensing options available and the ramifications of each option over the next three to six years. As part of our software licensing service, this analysis factors in your planned technology deployment and new product release roadmap. Because we are vendor-independent, we basis our analysis on what you need, rather than on what vendors wants to sell. Our detailed forecast helps you bring to the table additional options that may not be presented by vendors in their initial proposal or during the negotiation process.

By arming your team with information and knowledge, we help prepare you for the next Phase of the Clear Licensing Methodology Phase Two: Strategy and Planning.

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