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Phase 3

1. Finanacial & Business Requirement Document 

2. Microsoft Proposal Analysis

3. Legal Terms & Conditions Review 

4. Final Agreement Review 

For even the best-prepared team, the software license Negotiation Phase is the most critical and challenging. Your negotiation team enters this phase with a carefully and systematically developed plan designed by our licensing experts.


As part of our software licensing service, we will help you prepare a formal request document that will be delivered to the software vendor, detailing what you need in the licensing agreement. Typically, vendors will reply with a proposal. At this point, the frontal negotiation process begins and may go through several iterations and multiple interactions. We will meet with your licensing negotiations team to analyze the initial proposal and craft a response. We will continue to interact closely with your negotiation team and company executives throughout this intensive process, sharing pointers and briefings, and generating response guidance.


We are involved in each of the many iterations of the proposed agreement, analyzing the latest offering and working to prepare you for the next round.


By monitoring and helping to guide the software license negotiation process, we can protect your team from any attempts to delegitimize your decisions in favor of a speedy and all-too-often poor outcome. You will be prepared if approaches your executives to hurry the process along; in such a case we work to ensure that your company does not accept an unreasonable or lower-than-expected offer.


Through our comprehensive process, we enable your negotiation team and executives to feel confident that nothing was overlooked and that the best deal was achieved.


For the next phase in the Clear Licensing Methodology, see Phase Four: Contract Maintenance Service.


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