Hear what some of our customers have to say about our software consulting services after working with our licensing experts and optimizing their strategies and mitigating their audits. We can assist you too, in containing your licensing costs. Contact us for more information.

At Emerset, we provide software consulting services for companies in a wide range of industries. We have found several common threads in how companies in the same industry can benefit from the experience of our licensing experts in the software licensing negotiating process. Learn more about the Clear Licensing Methodology we use to help your company save money.



“We have been extremely satisfied working with Emerset over the past three years, and on each occasion, Emerset has been able to help us achieve and exceed our goals for the process. Initially we brought in Emerset to consult on our first Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, and then we continued collaborating with them on our Oracle® ELA. Most recently, Emerset helped us renew our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. This year, since we were renewing, our initial bargaining position with Microsoft was weaker, but thanks to Emerset’s extensive knowledge and creative problem solving, we were able to reach our target budget and present an airtight business justification to our Senior Management.”

Director IT Services, Regional Bank

“We’ve been a loyal and longstanding Emerset customer for many years, and each time they help us with a Microsoft renewal they find new ways to optimize our agreement. We appreciate their approach, working intimately with our senior management to clarify and simplify our Microsoft licensing options. With an in-depth knowledge of the banking sector, Emerset helped structure our Microsoft agreement to meet our specific needs for multiple licensing profiles.”

Head of Procurement Unit, International Investment and Banking Group


“When Emerset did a full analysis of our existing Microsoft licenses and expected future needs, it became clear that if we had done it alone with the information readily available we would have missed an opportunity to save a lot of money. Emerset’s team of licensing experts helped us take better advantage of our existing licenses and eliminate redundancies in our renewal as well as choose between a very complicated set of options taking into account costs up to five years in the future.”

Director of Global IT, leader in automated mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions

“As a profitable business, we have to make sure that we have firm control over our revenue and expenses. This is the third time we’ve worked with Emerset and each time they find a new way to help us achieve our aggressive budgeting goals.”

IT infrastructure Manager, Data networking and VOIP development company

“The invaluable benchmarking information and in-depth financial analysis Emerset provided helped prepare us for negotiations with Microsoft. We had great synergy with the Emerset team and learned so much from them that we can apply going forward.”

IT infrastructure Manager, Software Integrator

“Emerset gave us valuable advice throughout the run-up to our Microsoft negotiation process. Emerset’s experts had the most up to date information about Microsoft licenses and global pricing and their inputs greatly influenced our decision on how to structure our licensing agreement. Don’t do any negotiation preparations without Emerset!”

Software Procurement Manager, Global Software and Services Provider


“Our company is undergoing structural changes to keep pace with the Telco industry. Emerset took all that into account and helped us determine how to move forward with our Microsoft licensing. They also coached us in how to best work with the Microsoft negotiating team to achieve our desired end-results. We ended up exceeding our most aggressive savings targets.”

CTO, Mobile network operator, internet Wi-Fi and fixed telephony service provider

“We hired Emerset because we knew they were experienced in dealing with large organizations in the Telco sector. We were concerned with other consultants that they wouldn’t be objective because of their business affiliations. We stopped worrying after meeting Emerset since they are completely independent.”

Procurement division director Information technologies, Mobile network operator, internet Wi-Fi and fixed telephony service provider

“After working with Emerset for the first time, we wonder why we didn’t work with them sooner. We had a pre-set framework from our parent company that negotiated the agreement so all the terms and conditions were set and the pricing structure was fixed. We turned to Emerset to take us through an internal preparedness process, which resulted in over a 15% savings by helping us understand what we already own and what we need to purchase.”

Operations and Engineering Manager, Internet and international telecommunications provider


“Have been working with Emerset since 2005 and I can definitely affirm that they always deliver results. Our longstanding relationship with them and their intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry help us to continually mold winning negotiation strategies for us. During the last negotiation process we participated in, their skilled and informed team of licensing experts helped us navigate from a subscription-based renewal to a perpetual model enabling us to meet our 6 year IT strategy.”

Vice President Information Technology (CIO), National Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

“Emerset’s ability to understand our business and examine what our situation will be six years in the future made it easy to take tough decisions and justify them both to Microsoft and to our own managers.”

CTO, National Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)


“My team and I wouldn’t have been able to navigate the MS licensing labyrinth without your expertise and insight. I am particularly thankful for your prompt responses to our questions throughout the process. You never seemed to fatigue of my many (often repeated) questions. On the flip side, it was clear from your questions that you had ABMC’s best interest at heart. It was a true partnership to ensure that we only purchased what we need to meet our user’s expectations and IT roadmap goals. I wish Emerset the best and won’t hesitate to re-engage if we need further MS licensing expertise and guidance.”

Director of IT, CISO American Battle Monuments Commission

“We’re a government agency so we receive predefined pricing from the government’s financial department, who negotiated the original agreement. Emerset helped clarify what assets we have versus what we need and provided an in-depth optimization analysis. The results were an impressive six-figure savings on SQL and other server component optimizations that we couldn’t have achieved without their guidance.”

CTO, State Government Internal Revenue Services

“As a government agency we are obligated to use the finance departments pre negotiated Microsoft EA framework agreement, none the less Emerset helped us understand our license position, interpret the licensing rules correctly for us and determine the best migration options from old to new licensing metrics (Windows® and SQL), by helping us through the optimization stage Emerset were able to help us reduce our overall costs by more than 20% and save substantial tax payers money of Microsoft licensing.”

IT category procurement Manager, State Government Department of Social Health Services

“Emerset led us through the entire process of auditing all the Microsoft licensing assets in the Department of Health Services, which was especially complex due to the need to understand the government licensing agreement and our roadmap. Daryl Ullman personally helped us a great deal in deciding which licenses to purchase and how to maximize the advantages of the existing licenses to ensure savings of public funds. He also updated us regarding expected changes in Microsoft’s global pricing which led us to purchase sufficient licenses before the conditions changed in a way that could affect the “True-Up” process. Don’t order from Microsoft without speaking to them first!”

CIO, State Government Department of Health Services


“With their thorough understanding of the highly regulated insurance industry and our many years of working together, Emerset was able to walk us through the renewal process, step-by-step. They worked closely with our CIO to map out exactly how our agents and staff would use the licensed products, and what user profiles best met their requirements. With their benchmarking information and guidance, we over-achieved our previous Microsoft® agreement goals.”

CTO, Insurance Investments and Financial Services


“Emerset understands the needs of the Retail industry and our specific requirements and was able to save a substantial amount of money and let us buy only the products that we needed, this is our third renewal that we have worked with Emerset and we plan to work with them again.”

CIO, Leading retail chain in the Middle East

Construction & Real Estate

“The licensing negotiation skills and benchmarking information we received from Emerset are invaluable. We’re a uniquely structured and complex organization that our needs and requirements are so intricate, but with Emerset’s assistance and their understanding of the Infrastructure and real estate sector, they understood our IT and business needs, and clarified everything from step one, the result was a win win agreement for all sides, we will definitely work with Emerset on our next renewal.”

CIO, Leading infrastructure and real estate group