To keep your business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will need to cut costs as critically as you can.

You can save up to 30% on your software licensing by start negotiation on your agreements.

 Microsoft® is one of your vendors to start with and than you can progress to other significates software vendors in your company, such as Oracle, VMware, Ibm and others

Negotiating the licensing agreement with Microsoft® can be an extremely challenging prospect for any company, even a company with a vendor management team dedicated to working in this area of the business. It’s no secret that the pricing schedule for Microsoft® products is fairly complex, and that their suite of products has become fairly extensive as well. For a company not familiar with the language of Microsoft®-ese, it can all seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating. Still, it is definitely worth the trouble to seriously engage in licensing agreement negotiations, because of the opportunity it presents for a significant cost savings in any given budget year.


Emerset Consulting Group is a company which has had extensive experience negotiating licensing agreements with Microsoft®, and has consistently achieved major cost savings for its clients. No matter how big or small your company is, here are some benefits you would derive by having Emerset’s experts at your side:

  • Emerset negotiators are familiar with Microsoft®terminology, and how to use it to advantage
  • The volume licensing program is one that Emerset has studied and used to achieve discounts whenever appropriate
  • Most companies are not aware of the many options available in Microsoft®licensing, but ECG is well aware of them
  • ECG can determine what, if any, kind of leverage your company has to use during negotiations
  • Consulting with ECG can help to determine if your company would benefit by using Microsoft’s®Software Assurance Program, which they offer to help manage volume licensing agreements
  • When Microsoft®alters its licensing structure, your company need not bother trying to stay abreast of all the impacts – ECG can handle that for you
  • The ease of working with ECG will be much less stressful than attempting to negotiate with Microsoft®
  • Negotiating one’s own licensing agreement is similar to someone preparing income taxes for the year – most of the applicable deductions may be found, but almost certainly some will also be missed. The experts at ECG are like the tax preparation companies in that they will find every usable discount which may apply to your situation.

For many companies, the cost of licensing agreements with Microsoft® may account for as much as half the total software budget for the year, so it’s easy to see why this negotiating represents such an important chance to save money. By approaching this opportunity from that perspective, it can be possible to make this the single biggest cost savings for an I.T. budget. Conversely, inadequate preparation for negotiations can result in vast over-spending on excessive licensing, with the net result being a bloated budget for the year.


It should be the goal of every company to license the right Microsoft® products through the right program, at a cost that is discounted to the greatest degree possible. This is exactly what Emerset Consulting Group strives to achieve for its clients in every negotiation, and it’s why your company would be well represented by having Emerset at your side.


It is a mistaken notion that some companies are too small to bother with negotiating, and that they should simply accept the pricing structure dictated to them by Microsoft®. There is always room for negotiation, and there are always achievable discounts and other reductions, if one simply knows where to look for them. Emerset does know where to look for these savings, and by having Emerset on your side, your company will always stay updated on the latest changes to Microsoft® licensing policies. Consulting with ECG is easy; let the experts handle the hard part of negotiating a licensing agreement. 


Jun 2020