Earlier this year we posted an article which compared Office 365™ with Google Apps™ (Link Here). Included in that article was a summary of the highly publicized problems encountered during the implementation of a major deployment of Google Apps™ for the City of Los Angeles. The purpose of that article was to consider whether Google™ could be a viable threat in the enterprise space and whether Office 365™ can dominate (or even compete) in the cloud.

Since that time, Microsoft® signed a deal with the County of Los Angeles in which more than 100,000 public-sector employees will use Office 365™. The deal is said to cost LA County approximately $72 million dollars in licensing fees.

In our article earlier this year we noted that Google™ has the resources to overcome many challenges as they pursue the enterprise and government markets but ironically, they reportedly lost the deal with LA County for one of the major reasons they had problems with the City of LA. After Google’s™ deal with the city was signed, in 2011 it was discovered that Google Apps™ didn’t comply with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) spec. CJIS compliance is required by many law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and LAPD, so those organizations were unable to use Google Apps™. Three years later, according to a spokesperson from the LA County Sherriff’s Department, Microsoft® won the deal with LA County because Google™ is still not compliant with the CJIS requirements.

I continue to maintain that Google™ has the resources to increase their presence in the enterprise and government space, but after such widely publicized problems in Los Angeles I’m beginning to question how serious they may be.

Nov 2016