It certainly wasn’t announced with (or even without) fanfare, but Microsoft® recently made some changes to their Standard and BI SQL Server® licensing, and it’s not good news for VL customers. Beginning April 1, 2014, installing a SQL Server® 2014 Database on one OSE and also having a passive fail-over server now requires two server licenses or SA whereas in the past, it required only one.

This is only one of many changes from previous versions. The right to additional software has also been reduced for 2014.

The 2012 version included the following:

  • Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • Client Tools Backward Compatibility
  • Client Tools Connectivity
  • Client Tools SDK
  • Data Quality Client
  • Distributed Replay Client
  • Management Tools – Basic
  • Management Tools – Complete
  • Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint Products
  • Sync Framework
  • SQL Client Connectivity SDK
  • SQL Server 2012 Books Online

The 2014 version has been reduced to the following:

  • Client Tools Connectivity
  • Documentation Components

The additional tools are still available for SQL Server® 2014 Standard and BI Editions, but the user must purchase Software Assurance to get them. This results in a significant price increase as users must now purchase an additional license for passive failover servers or pay for Software Assurance to obtain similar functionality to that which was previously available without.

Nov 2016