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Cloud Computing is placing new demands on licensing. Customers are looking for the flexibility of being able to deploy an infrastructure that suits their needs, whether it is on-premises, in[...]

For many of Microsoft’s® server products such as Windows® Server and Exchange Server®, you are required to license the server as well as the Client accessing the server. Microsoft® offers two types[...]

One of the most valuable Software Assurance benefits available from Microsoft® is the cold back-up for disaster recovery licenses.   Customers with active Software Assurance (enrolled in an Enterprise Agreement[...]

There are two versions of Microsoft Office 2010® available through Microsoft Volume Licensing® – Standard and Professional Plus. This article looks at the differences between the two.   Microsoft Office[...]

The aim of this article is to highlight any additions, deletions and other changes to the product use rights document for October 2011. How to use the PUR Document The[...]

Microsoft Lync® is Microsoft’s® Unified Communication offering and provides Instant Messaging, Voice over IP and Web Conferencing capabilities. To deploy Lync® on premises, you will need a license for each[...]