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Microsoft® recently announced the licensing use rights for the new Windows Server® 2012. Windows Server® 2012 is designed to meet the demands of private and public cloud computing as well[...]

Microsoft SharePoint® is Microsoft’s® Collaboration offering and provides you with the ability to set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish[...]

Microsoft® has made some significant changes to the way SQL Server® 2012 will be licensed as opposed to SQL Server® 2008: 1.   The first change is that the editions have been[...]

Pros and Cons of System Center® 2012 licensing versus the current System Center® products   System Center® 2007-2010 System Center® 2012 Product Availability Individual products or as a suite (SMSE[...]

A common mistake when evaluating a new Microsoft® Project is the lack of understanding the licensing requirements of software used in conjunction with one or more Microsoft® products. An example[...]

This is a great way to upgrade lower level license editions to a higher edition license and at the same time utilize purchased licenses and save money on needed higher version[...]