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News Corp® Australia recently announced that thousands of their employees are moving from Microsoft® Outlook® to Google Mail™ and Calendar™. News Corp® did not disclose the exact number of employees,[...]

The increasing popularity of cloud computing has dramatically changed the manner in which we use our computers and other devices. We are no longer tethered to a desktop or even[...]

Update – View our Updated Microsoft 2015 Product Road Map Here   When Microsoft® announced their reorganization into a Devices and Services company last year, part of the restructuring was[...]

As most companies and consumers have known for quite some time, Microsoft® will terminate support and update activities for Windows® XP and Office® 2003 on April 8, 2014. Windows® XP[...]

The increasing capabilities and popularity of tablet computers and smartphones is simplifying the way in which many users work but it also presents some licensing, security, and technical challenges. Historically,[...]

The Product Use Rights and Product List documents are perhaps the most important tools for managing your Volume Licensing acquisition from Microsoft®. The Product Use Rights document is updated quarterly[...]