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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, but perhaps more profoundly, how we do business.   Stores have closed, and kids have been sent home.  The world feels like[...]

What should your web browser be?  Statistically, you’re most likely to say ?? wording that’s easy. It’s Google or if you’re iOs Safari.??? Wording???  But, is your brand loyalty earned? [...]

If you have ever wondered why consulting groups such as Emerset and others exist, consider the complexity of Microsoft’s® Volume Licensing offerings and the amount of money VL customers invest[...]

During winter time, if you stay home from school or college because it is snowing outside, it’s a day to celebrate some unexpected freedom; Make a snowman, have a snowball[...]

One of the most difficult problems in cloud management, that enterprises face today, is getting lost in the details of building a cloud infrastructure that serves them. In this article,[...]

BY KURT MACKIE The first release candidate (RC) of the forthcoming SQL Server 2019 product can now be downloaded from Microsoft’s Evaluation Center page here, good for 180 days. “Release candidate” used to mean[...]