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The topic of cloud computing continues to dominate the IT landscape. Cloud computing allows you to get fast access to computing resources, without constantly having to invest in new infrastructure,[...]

Microsoft® is a formidable negotiator and invests extensive resources and time into preparing and managing an Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiation. In this article, we will take you through the Microsoft®[...]

Volume Licensing customers have some flexibility in how they can deploy Windows 7® in their organizations. As a benefit of Software Assurance coverage for Windows® desktops, customers may leverage virtualization[...]

Preparing to purchase Microsoft® Licensing or entering into negotiations for a multi-year agreement can be a daunting experience for most organizations. Microsoft® Licensing employs a multitude of technical terms, conditions[...]

Microsoft® has recently mandated that its Large Account Resellers (LARs) conduct a series of activities in all Enterprise Agreement (EA) accounts. Microsoft’s® program was given the name “T-36” because Microsoft®[...]

Microsoft® has extended its Enterprise Agreement offering to include two additional enrollments: the Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) and the Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP).   Before I go into[...]