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Licensing experts negotiate agreements like yours every day and their licensing documentation changes upwards of a hundred pages each year. Having an expert on your side during your Enterprise Agreement negotiations can reduce your costs, and make a substantial difference in the outcome of your negotiated agreement.


This is where Emerset comes in. Having worked extensively as licensing experts with major software resellers, today we actively gather market intelligence and stay abreast of every change in software licensing, to help you navigate your licensing challenges in a way that makes sense for your business. We are not a Microsoft partner, so our only incentive is to help you with your business needs and cost savings.


Our unique, proven Clear Licensing Methodology (CLM) helps you prepare the groundwork in the months leading up to the eventual negotiation of your licensing agreements, and manage the process throughout. Elements of this methodology include:


Financial and Technology Forecasts – As the first step, we will analyze your corporate software assets and conduct extensive interviews to produce gap analysis and reconciliation reports. We will also help you generate potential scenarios that map out your needs for the next 3 to 6 years in order to determine the best software licensing package for you now, and the next critical years in your company’s development.


Benchmark Analysis – We will benchmark your company against others similar in industry, market position, size and region, to ensure that you enter negotiations with clear, comprehensive data that can help you anticipate the best pricing you can expect to achieve. This information helps you counter attempts to delegitimize discount requests, or shorten the negotiation process. Of course, we never share customer-specific data and you can rely on 100% confidentiality.


Readiness and Strategy – We will help you determine the appropriate negotiation strategy, ensuring your team is properly staffed and prepared for every stage of the negotiation.


Typically our team is involved behind-the-scenes before, during and after the negotiations; however, we can also take part in – or even lead – the negotiations themselves, if you prefer.


To learn more about our customized consulting services, contact us today.