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Cloudability is a software vendor that provides financial management tools for monitoring and analyzing cloud computing costs.

Information technology (IT) administrators can use Cloudability software to track their public cloud usage and spend and help plan cloud computing service budget.


B.lay Solutions

B.lay solutions help your business to discover the opportunities to be gained through the effective use and management of software assets. We offer a range of practical solutions and a logical combination of services and software that enable you to take control of your software assets. Our clear-cut and practical procedures are cost effective and benefit from rapid and agile implementation. We convert the fog of complexity into a few simple steps and can help you identify opportunities for consolidation and optimization.


AITAM – The International Association of IT Asset Managers

AITAM The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is the largest organization providing education, certification and thought leadership to the management of IT as a business. IT Asset Management is the management of hardware, software, mobile and other technology to maximize the value to the organziation. As the missing link between IT, finance, procurement and internal customers, IT Asset

Managers have many roles and processes and may be part of numerous departments. The best practices of IT Asset Management as defined by IAITAM offer robust support for all of the goals that need to be met through the proper mgt of tech.


BWG – Strategy

BWG is an invite-only network for senior executives across technology, media and telecom. BWG industry professionals participate in a series of roundtables discussions, which are a valuable resource for market intelligence, business development and personal / professional networking.



Snow’s SAM platform empowers organizations to optimize software licenses & reduce costs by providing insight & control of software consumption across all devices & platforms.


License Dashboard

License Dashboard and its authorized partners use a blend of home-grown Software Asset Management technologies and licensing expertise to power the world’s most credible and valuable license management platform.

Organizations can choose two ways to manage their software assets – as a Managed Service or an On-premise solution. Our Managed Service has a number of options, from point-in-time Effective Licensing Position (ELP) programs, through to on-going license compliance and Software Asset Management initiatives. Our On-premise solution helps ease the transactional tasks through automation and built-in license intelligence. Both options include our brand new License Dashboard Portal – a reporting tool that gives all stakeholders access to the information that is relevant to them. All of which can lead to savings of up to 30% in your overall IT expenditure.