Insider's Guide on Licensing Negotiation

An insider's guide on how to structure the planning and negotiation of Microsoft® volume licensing contracts. This book levels the playing field with Microsoft by providing a step-by-step process to empower the IT buyer to negotiate the maximum pricing and licensing term concessions from Microsoft.


The 2012 edition of "Negotiating with Microsoft" provides the most current, up-to-date information on Microsoft negotiation strategies and how you can properly prepare to enter, maneuver through, and finally succeed in the complex process of achieving an optimal software licensing agreement with Microsoft. The latest edition of the book has been updated to include these important sections (and much more):

  • Requirements for effectively negotiating with Microsoft 
  • Common mistakes when negotiating with Microsoft
  • The Microsoft negotiation process
  • Details on various agreement options currently available from Microsoft
  • Identifying and building your negotiation team
  • Preparing the information you need to succeed
  • Conducting a Gap Analysis
  • Conducting a Financial Analysis
  • Creating your Implementation Roadmap
  • Understanding the phases and cycles of negotiation
  • Conducting the licensing negotiation cycles on your terms
  • Validating the agreement

Priced at $399, this thought-provoking book can help your company save tens of thousands of dollars or even more for larger corporations, if you properly and comprehensively apply the lessons that are taught within. The book starts with a clear explanation of its purpose and also details the timetable to be applied – when to begin preparing for your negotiating software license agreements, when to approach Microsoft, and what to expect in each stage of the negotiation cycle.

Licensing Negotiation Strategies
Chapter Abstracts

One of the key tenets of negotiation is “knowledge is power”. Analyzing Microsoft’s® financial reports will provide valuable information as you prepare to negotiate your licensing agreement.

Despite all previous preparation and reports, the Negotiation Phase is, on the one hand the most critical phase, and on the other, the one most affected by the steps that came before it.

In the second phase of the negotiation process, all the data that has been accumulated is evaluated to plan a strategy for negotiating with Microsoft®. The objective of the Strategy and Planning phase is to define the optimal strategy that will be used in the negotiation phase to come.

Book Reviews

I found the book extremely insightful. It will definite be a great tool for anyone preparing for negotiation. From getting all your upfront information in order to what to expect in the negotiation process, this book covers it.

Great resource on fundamentals of negotiation and Microsoft® peculiarities for individuals totally new to dealing with Microsoft®. Also a good negotiations reference for those not trained and certified in ITAM yet.

An excellent overview on how to prepare to negotiate with Microsoft® and what your options are, with guidance on what can (should!) be negotiated.

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