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אמרסט – החברה המובילה בישראל בניהול רישוי/נכסי תוכנה,
וטכנולוגיות Microsoft Azure & Office 365

מבטיחים שתגיע מוכן לענן

עם אמרסט אתם יכולים לעבור לענן בראש שקט
גם בתהליך Azure Migration וגם במעבר ל-Office 365

לביצוע Cloud Readiness Assessment

מאגר מידע מקצועי לשימושכם

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26 ליוני

Windows® as a Subscription

There has been a great deal of speculation about whether Microsoft® would offer Windows® on a per-user, subscription basis, and it appears to finally be on the horizon. While the offering, expected this fall…

27 ליולי

Adobe is Ending their Audit Programs!

Software licensing audits are a standard practice for many software vendors. There was a time when they occurred primarily when the vendor had reason to suspect a customer…

15 לספטמבר

Windows Server® 2016 to Release This Month

It has been nine months since I wrote about Windows Server® 2016 and the licensing changes it would bring. The most notable change is that Microsoft’s® flagship server OS platform will now be licensed on a per-core basis…

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