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SQL Server® 2016 Editions

//SQL Server® 2016 Editions

I recently wrote a blog about SQL Server® 2016 Licensing, in which I briefly described the most popular editions and licensing requirements. Today, I’d like to identify four other editions, which may be less popular, but instrumental to many organizations.


Developer Edition


Microsoft® offers a SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition, which is available at no charge for non-production use. The Developer Edition contains the full feature set of SQL Server 2016 Enterprise, and is intended to enable users to build data solutions for deployment either in the cloud or on-premises. The Developer Edition does not include an OS license.


Express Edition


SQL 2016 Express is a free edition of SQL Server which is intended for web and small server applications, as well as for redistribution by ISVs. The Express Edition includes only the database engine and is suited for remote connections or remote administration.




LocalDB is a lightweight version of SQL Express, intended for developers.  LocalDB copies the files necessary to start the SQL Server Database Engine, boasting all of the programming functionality, and running in user mode. LocalDB is useful for those wishing to write and test Transact-SQL code without having to manage a full SQL Server instance.


Express with Advanced Services


Express with Advanced Services consists of the SQL Database Engine with full text search and reporting services.


Web Edition


The Web Edition is intended for use on public websites and is only available to third-party hosting service providers.


Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)


The Parallel Data Warehouse is a pre-configured bundle, providing SQL Server 2016 and server hardware from either HP or Dell™. PDW is marketed as an easy to deploy and cost effective server appliance for big data.

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