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Clear Licensing Methodology Process

Emerset has developed a proprietary methodology for optimizing your software licensing agreement negotiations with all major software vendors, the Clear Licensing Methodology™, which includes the four phases detailed below. To thoroughly implement this comprehensive process, we recommend beginning 6 to 9 months before your licensing agreement’s renewal date so you can optimize your EA negotiations.

Using our vast knowledge of the inner workings with all major software vendors, we can demystify the complexity of licensing terms and options. Emerset’s Clear Licensing Methodology™ is the process we use to work with your corporate negotiation team before, during and after the negotiation process. Our methodology defines the goals, determines the strategy and planning, and prepares you and your team for the complex and lengthy negotiation process.


The full Clear Licensing Methodology™ process includes four phases:

Phase One: Licensing and Financial Analysis

During the Licensing and Financial Analysis Phase, we assess your current licensing assets and address your future technology needs. This includes discussing what software assets are currently in use and how they are deployed.

Phase Two: Strategy and Planning

The Strategy and Planning Phase involves defining the optimal strategy to be used in the negotiation phase to come. The ultimate goal of this phase is to completely prepare your team for the negotiation phase.

Phase Three: Negotiation Cycle

For even the best-prepared team, the Negotiation Phase is the most critical and challenging. Your negotiation team enters this phase with a carefully and systematically developed plan, and if you execute that plan well, you may even exceed the successful outcome you once considered your goal.

Phase Four: Contract Maintenance Service

You may breathe a sigh of relief once the agreement has been signed, but Emerset will still periodically review your licensing reconciliation and assets to determine that the forecasted use of resources was correct and that you are utilizing the benefits gained to their fullest.