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29 January Jan 2017

I Understand My SW Deployment. Now What?

2017-11-13T20:15:55+00:00 Jan 2017|

I recently wrote a blog in which I addressed tools to help organizations identify software products deployed in their IT environment.  Knowing your installed software is a core element of any Software Asset Management (SAM) discipline, as it enables [...]

24 January Jan 2017

Software Inventory Identification

2017-11-13T20:15:55+00:00 Jan 2017|

Software Asset Management (SAM), is a necessary topic for most organizations to address (and embrace!).  The term has a wide range of descriptions and interpretations.  The Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) describes SAM as “…all of the infrastructure and processes [...]

4 January Jan 2017

Can Windows® Finally Go Mobile?

2017-01-04T14:40:40+00:00 Jan 2017|

When Microsoft® CEO Satya Nadella announced his Mobile First, Cloud First initiative in 2014, it marked the beginning of that which some would call a kinder, gentler Microsoft.  The notion of making Microsoft products available on competing platforms was a [...]

29 December Dec 2016

Is Your Office License Really Perpetual?

2016-12-29T12:48:48+00:00 Dec 2016|

It’s no secret that Microsoft® is trying to convince their customers to move their software and IT to the cloud.  One of their goals is to replace perpetual licenses for products such as Microsoft Office, with subscription licenses for Office [...]

11 December Dec 2016

SQL Server® 2016 Editions

2017-11-13T20:15:55+00:00 Dec 2016|

I recently wrote a blog about SQL Server® 2016 Licensing, in which I briefly described the most popular editions and licensing requirements. Today, I’d like to identify four other editions, which may be less popular, but instrumental to many organizations.   [...]

21 November Nov 2016

SQL Server® 2016 Licensing

2017-11-13T20:15:58+00:00 Nov 2016|

Microsoft®’s popular relational database management system, SQL Server®, is available in multiple editions with features and licensing options intended to appeal to a wide range of users. The most common editions and licensing requirements are summarized below:   SQL Server 2016 [...]

27 October Oct 2016

Microsoft® Licensing Changes

2017-11-13T20:16:27+00:00 Oct 2016|

Much has been written about Windows Server® 2016 and System Center 2016 during recent weeks. Both are mission-critical products which are used by countless organizations. Both have significant improvements over their predecessors (2012 R2), but another notable distinction with these releases is [...]

18 October Oct 2016

Software Audit Errors

2017-11-13T20:16:27+00:00 Oct 2016|

I have often written about how to prepare for software licensing audits and what to expect during the process, but I rarely mention the errors we witness during mitigation. As you’re probably aware, major software companies such as Microsoft® and [...]

21 September Sep 2016

An Audit by any Other Name

2017-11-13T20:16:27+00:00 Sep 2016|

I often find myself answering questions or writing about software licensing audits. Audits are mandated by software developers such as Microsoft®, Oracle™, and others, often under the guise of assisting the customer with their software asset management, but the reality [...]

15 September Sep 2016

Windows Server® 2016 to Release This Month

2017-11-13T20:16:27+00:00 Sep 2016|

It has been nine months since I wrote about Windows Server® 2016 and the licensing changes it would bring. The most notable change is that Microsoft’s® flagship server OS platform will now be licensed on a per-core basis, rather than per-processor, [...]